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France, 2002
De Delphine Gleize
Scénario : Delphine Gleize
Avec : Clovis Cornillac, Jacques Gamblin, Chiara Mastroianni, Lucia Sanchez
Durée : 2h10
Sortie : 01/01/2002
Note FilmDeCulte : ****--

When a bull named Romero dies in the bullring, the life of several people is turned upside down.

Delphine Gleize had a brilliant idea of gathering for a movie a group of very different people all linked by, don’t laugh, a bull. From the modest and uncomfortable young girl to the actress looking for her real-self, from a couple-in-crisis to a man with suicidal tendencies, the young director draws up an often touching, rather accurate, and sometimes funny gallery of figures. Despite being a debut movie one can underline the extreme precision in the directing, always favouring silences over useless noise. The actors are all wonderful, with a particular distinction this said for the hilarious Clovis Cornillac playing a depressed writer.

The main theme is here the same as in numerous ensemble movies (for example Magnolia but let’s not start comparing the two movies): the relation between parents and children is touched upon sometimes in a rather subtle manner (via the character of Chiara Mastroianni for instance), and sometimes not (the link between the old mother and her son in painful and hackneyed scenes). In fact, the only really wrong thing with Carnage is its length. Gleize, for who it’s her first feature-length movie after a successful career doing shorts, seemed to have had difficulties cutting and trimming her picture. Indeed, the extended ending delays for too long its real conclusion partly ruining the brilliant work done previously. Despite this unfortunate excess Carnage is a really original film, being at the same time genuine and funny. A highly recommended "unidentified filmed object".

par Liam Engle

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